Henry McKenna Whisky

Henry McKenna Whisky
Henry McKenna Whisky

Henry McKenna Whisky


Region:  Kentucky

Country:  United States

Style:  Bourbon / Whiskey

Producer:  Heaven Hill

Henry McKenna is a value brand bourbon that Heaven Hills describes as "comfortable and unpretentious as an old pair of jeans."

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Henry McKenna Whisky Description:

It is said to be based upon (and named for) Henry McKenna who used his Irish recipe to make a whiskey in 1855 (though a bit dubious since Irish whiskey would likely be made with barley and bourbon is made primarily from corn).

Heaven Hill Distilleries was founded shortly after prohibition and in the height of the Great Depression with no brands and no ready available stocks of whiskey. Today, they claim an inventory of over 675,000 barrels. The company reports that it is "the largest independent, family-owned producer and marketer of distilled spirits in the country." While Heaven Hill focuses on bourbon, it produces a wide array of spirits.