Makers Mark 46 Whiskey

Makers Mark 46 Whiskey
Makers Mark 46 Whiskey

Makers Mark 46 Whiskey


Region:  Kentucky

Country:  United States

Style:  Bourbon / Whiskey

Producer:  Makers Mark

We age Maker’s 46® a bit longer inside barrels containing seared French oak staves. The staves create bolder, more complex flavors – while eliminating the bitterness that usually comes with whiskies that are aged longer.

Maker’s Mark® and Maker’s 46® are the same. But different.

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Makers Mark 46 Whiskey Description:

Back when we decided to create a new companion to Maker’s Mark®, we wanted a bourbon that offered intensified flavors – especially those of vanilla and caramel. After much trial and error, we discovered that the perfect starting point for Maker’s 46® was right in front of us all along – it was Maker’s Mark®.

So Maker’s 46® actually begins as fully matured Maker’s Mark. And then we begin the inventive, handcrafted finishing process that creates a bourbon with bold vanilla, oak and caramel flavors – yet retains the easy drinkability of Maker’s Mark.

As we tinkered with finding the perfect flavor profile for Maker’s 46®, we brought in the folks who make our barrels to help us out. Although barrel makers are referred to as coopers, around here they’re known as “wood chefs.”

Working together, we discovered that by carefully searing French oak staves and inserting them into barrels of fully matured Maker’s Mark®, we can lock in the tannins of the wood that cause bitterness. When tannins are eliminated, it allows the caramelized wood sugars to intensify.

Noted Description:

Aroma: Pleasant, sweet, toasty oak nose with caramel overtones. More intense aroma without an alcohol nose. Taste: Rich, creamy seared-oak flavors; caramel and vanilla notes linger on the front of the palate, but it is still soft enough to hold on the tongue even at 94 proof. Finish: A big mouth-watering oaky finish. Long with a little spice, staying forward on the palate without the bitter bite found in older whiskies.

Wine Enthusiast

94 - The nose finds supersweet deep caramel candy and almond extract, but don't be fooled. On the tongue, it's punch-in-the-nose dry and biting. Best served on ice, which takes down the burn and lets the pronounced woody flavors come through: lots of oak, strong tea and cigar tobacco.

Score: 94, September 2010