Rod and Rifle Bourbon

Rod and Rifle Bourbon
Rod and Rifle Bourbon

Rod and Rifle Bourbon


Region:  Michigan

Country:  United States

Style:  Bourbon / Whiskey

Producer:  Rod and Rifle

American Blended Whiskey: A blend of which at least 20 percent is 100 proof straight whiskey.  The rest of the blend may include other whiskey and/or neutral spirits. A small amount of sherry may also be added.

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Rod and Rifle Bourbon Description:

We at Rod and Rifle spared no expense in producing our blended whiskey. Rod & Rifle American Blended Whiskey, unlike many of the other American Blended Whiskeys, Does Not Add Neutral Spirits. Rod and Rifle American Blended Whiskey is 100% barreled aged whiskey which produces one of the finest blended whiskeys in the country.

We combine small town, time honored traditions for a rich and balanced taste. Our whiskey is perfect straight or mixed into your favorite drink after a great day of hunting, fishing, or shooting. We have spared no expense in bringing Rod & Rifle American Blended Whiskey to your home, hunting or fishing cabin. Please always Hunt, Fish, Shoot, and Drink Responsibly.

Age: 100% barrel aged whiskey

Proof: 80 Proof

  • Color: Golden Brown

  • Aroma: Clean, Smooth with Vanilla & Brown Sugar

  • Taste: Full Bodied with No Sign of Neutral Spirits

  • Finish: Thick, Rich and Balanced Perfection

Comments: “Unlike Other Blended Whiskey’s,

Tastes More Like Matured Barreled Whiskey”