T.W. Samuels White Label Whiskey

T.W. Samuels White Label Whiskey
T.W. Samuels White Label Whiskey

T.W. Samuels White Label Whiskey


Region:  Kentucky

Country:  United States

Style:  Bourbon / Whiskey

Producer:  T.W. Samuels

The T.W. Samuels Distillery, located in Deatsville, Kentucky, produced its signature “T.W. Samuels” bottle and a four year-old 90-proof label.

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T.W. Samuels White Label Whiskey Description:


The T.W. Samuels and Son Distillery began operations in 1844 when Taylor William Samuels, with his son W.I., converted their farm into a distillery.1 2 The original location was off of Deatsville-Lenore Road, now Kentucky State Route 523, approximately one mile south of Deatsville. In 1898, both Taylor and W.I. died and Leslie B., son of W.I., took control of the facilities.1

On November 9, 1909, a fire destroyed the distillery and six warehouses that included 9,000 barrels of whiskey valued at $100,000.1 2Destroyed were the T.W. Samuels and Old Deatsville brand.2 The facility was soon rebuilt in the same location and in 1913, the Starr Distillery company of Cincinnati purchased controlling interest of the operations. Leslie B. was still much involved as part-owner and manager until the facility closed in 1920 as a result of prohibition.1 2 During prohibition, most of the distillery was demolished.1