B&B Brandy

B&B Brandy
B&B Brandy

B&B Brandy


Region:  Normandy

Country:  France

Style:  Brandy

Producer:  B & B

"A blend of original Benedictine and cognac."

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B&B Brandy Description:

The auburn/bronze/burnt orange color is gorgeous and ideally sediment-free. Smells assertively of herbs (fennel, sage, licorice), honey, quinine, and baking spices (mace, allspice, cardamom) straight out of the starting gate; aeration stimulates further leafy vegetative aromas, most notably, black tea and tobacco. Entry tastes of tea, sage, fennel, and a deft touch of root-like quinine; at midpalate the cognac enters the equation and lends an obvious layer of elegance and genuine distillate presence. Finishes like a champion, long, semisweet, intensely herbal, mildly spicy, and satiny.