J.P. Wisers Canadian Whisky

J.P. Wisers Canadian Whisky
J.P. Wisers Canadian Whisky

J.P. Wisers Canadian Whisky


Country:  Canada

Style:  Canadian Whisky

Producer:  J.P. Wisers

Immigrant farmers of Irish and Scottish heritage developed Canadian whisky in the late 18th century. Without the means for traditional processing, alternative distilling practices were incorporated to give Canadian whisky its individual, characteristic flavour. 

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J.P. Wisers Canadian Whisky Description:

Produced on the basis of cereal grains, the dominant, base ingredient is typically corn, with rye, wheat and barley being used as blending agents to produce a distinctive flavour. The actual recipe of a brand, in particular the portion of each of the cereal grains used, is what characterizes the whisky and sets it apart from its contemporaries.

Canadian whisky uses the unique process of clean heat, which eliminates the smoky flavour found in Scotch whisky. The vast majority of Canadian whisky is distilled in column or continuous stills to produce a very neutral, light product that is free of many of the congeners found in Bourbon and Scotch. The young whisky is then aged for a minimum of three years, in re-charred oak Bourbon barrels before the filtering and blending stages. Depending on the individual recipe, the flavouring whiskies used for blending may be produced in either pot or column stills, creating tastes that are both diverse and exceptional.

Canadian whisky is a light, smooth and highly crafted product. As a result, there is a wide variety of ways that Canadian whisky can be enjoyed. Many take pleasure in sipping a dram served neat, while others enjoy popular mixtures that incorporate a consistent, high-quality whisky like J.P. Wiser’s. However you choose to enjoy Canadian whisky, the end result is always the same – pure satisfaction from an age-old quality-crafted creation.

The art of distillation is quite technical and precise, but is also filled with equal amounts of passion, pride and craftsmanship. For every exact measurement there is a finely tuned, intuitive sense maintaining the time-honoured recipes that have been passed down for centuries, such as those used to ensure the consistent quality of J.P. Wiser's whisky.