Climax Fire No. 32 Moonshine

Climax Fire No. 32 Moonshine
Climax Fire No. 32 Moonshine

Climax Fire No. 32 Moonshine


Region:  Virginia

Country:  United States

Style:  Moonshine Whiskey

Producer:  Climax

Who ever thought you can add flavor to a bold old school moonshine. Well it has been done! Climax Moonshine Fire No. 32 will put a kick in your step with it's Cinnamon Bold Hot Smoothness!

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Climax Fire No. 32 Moonshine Description:


Cinnamon spice moonshine using Tim Smith's original pot-distilled recipe, bold, hot and smooth.  As a volunteer fire chief in Climax, VA., Tim created this moonshine as a tribute to firefighters across the country.

Our operation at Belmont Farm Distillery is family owned and operated. It is with great pride that our family at Belmont Farm has chosen to preserve a national tradition of copper pot still fresh whiskey in both our Virginia Lightning Corn Whiskey and our Kopper Kettle Virginia Whiskey

Distillers never fail to mention the quality of their water and the importance of this water in making fine spirits. Asheville Distillery is situated in the middle of the world’s oldest mountains, and the water from the Blue Ridge Mountains is pristine, pure and plentiful. The abundance of hidden creeks made distilling possible, and early settlers didn’t have to travel far to find free running, wild water that is naturally cold and soft. As we say in the hills, we use the water first. Think about it.