Full Throttle Apple Pie Moonshine

Full Throttle Apple Pie Moonshine
Full Throttle Apple Pie Moonshine

Full Throttle Apple Pie Moonshine


Region:  Tennessee

Country:  United States

Style:  Moonshine Whiskey

Producer:  Full Throttle

Using an early 1900's tradition and recipes along with an authentic copper still to make his Moonshine, Michael Ballard has given a true to the taste moonshine. With multiple flavors and a distinctive Platinum Batch, S'loonshine is satisfying and refreshing, handcrafted and distilled in the sleepy little town of Trimble, Tennessee. 

Michael Ballard's authentic Tennessee Moonshine Recipe delivers a 80 proof punch and a taste that's second to none. Ask your bar or liquor store about Full Throttle S'loonshine and enjoy it with your friends.

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Full Throttle Apple Pie Moonshin

Dr. Paul Higgs is the Master Distiller at Michael Ballard’s Full Throttle Distillery in Trimble, Tennessee. His academic credentials include: B.S., M.S. and PhD (Chemistry) from the University of Auckland in his native New Zealand. He has over 25 years of teaching and research experience in Organic, Bio-organic and Biochemistry at multiple universities: Virginia Tech, University of Florida, University of Miami, Barry University (Miami) and most recently at the University of Tennessee. With all this technical experience coupled with Scottish, Irish and Welsh ancestry it is serendipitously natural he would team up with Michael Ballard and gravitate to the artisanal world of craft whiskey and distilled spirits.

Full Throttle Sloonshine:

  • 1.5 OZ. Full Throttle Apple Pie Moonshine

  • .5 OZ. Tuaca

  • 2 OZ. Orange Juice

  • 2 OZ. Apple Juice

  • Garnish: Orange Wheel