High West Double Rye Whiskey

High West Double Rye Whiskey
High West Double Rye Whiskey

High West Double Rye Whiskey


Region:  Utah

Country:  United States

Style:  Rye Whiskey

Producer:  High West

High West Double Rye! - the most excitable member of the High West family, is dedicated to the cowboy in all of us.

How to Enjoy

Thanks to its balance of cinnamon, anise, and honey, High West Double Rye! is great served neat, with a little water, or on the rocks. And its spirited flavor fortifies classic cocktails like the Manhattan and Old Fashioned. We recommend it for most occasions - sipping it in solitude by a campfire, savoring with favorite old friends, or sharing it with a good-looking stranger. See our "Cocktails" section for cocktails that our friends have helped us out with.

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High West Double Rye Whiskey Description:

The name is basically from the fact that this is a combination of two different rye whiskeys. Pretty straightforward, How Double Rye came to be? One day, Founder David Perkins had a taste of the two year old whiskey from LDI. He had assumed you didn’t want to drink the younger stuff. Well, he really liked the two year old! It was youngish and brash but very spicy and tasty. He then thought we might be able to tame the heat again with the addition of the 16 year old that we had as the older whiskey. It has significantly more dissolved solids from the extra aging and evaporation. Well it really worked and we fell in love with the combination as a not only a mixing whiskey but a whiskey that could stand on its own as a sipper.

Back Label Story

Double Rye! - the most excitable member of the High West family - is dedicated to the cowboy in all of us. An unusual shotgun marriage of two rye whiskies from two different distilleries back east, Double Rye! combines a feisty high rye 2-year-old and a saddle smooth 16-year-old. The younger rye has a mashbill with 95% rye/5% barley malt and the older has a more typical rye mashbill with 53% rye and 37% corn. We think the extra age and increased corn adds just enough caramel sweetness and woody vanilla richness to calm the “bite” of the younger rye for a relationship that works. The resulting combination is bold, balanced, complex and perfect for mixing – we like a Double Rye! Manhattan. With a taste profile of cinnamon, clove, anise, eucalyptus buttons, evergreen “gin-like” flavors and a vibrant finish, Double Rye! is absolutely superb for sipping alone or sharing with other cowboys and good-looking strangers. High West is Utah’s first distillery since 1870 and the world’s only ski-in gastro-distillery. If you find yourself in Old Town Park City, please stop (or ski) by to visit us. We’d love to share our passions with you: the American West, our contemporary Western victuals (pronounced and often mis-spelled “vittles”) and of course, pairing all the above with our greatest passion – superb whiskey.


Technical Details

  • Ratio of whiskeys: top secret!
  • Filtration: not chill-filtered, or carbon treated.

Sensory Notes

  • Nose: mint, clove, cinnamon, licorice root, pine nuts, and dark chocolate, with a surprising dose of gin botanicals throughout
  • Taste: Immediate rye punch of prickly spices, then Gin, menthol, mint, eucalyptus, wildflower honey, and confectioners sugar flavors abound.


Product Reviews & Awards

  • John Hansell, Malt Advocate Magazine - "Perhaps the spiciest American whiskey I have ever tasted, yet at the same time, quite tame and mellow. Complex notes of mint, clove, cinnamon, licorice root, pine nuts, and dark chocolate, with a surprising dose of gin botanicals throughout. A soft underbelly of caramel, sweet corn, and soothing vanilla provides an interesting counterpoint. Very easy-drinking, too (hard to believe it's 46%). Intriguing, and a must-try for rye whiskey aficionados - even if only to satisfy your curiosity."
  • "Superb/Outstanding": JASON PYLE, sourmashmanifesto.com
  • Jason Pyle, Sourmashmanifesto.com - "Color: Pure Gold Nose: Gin Botanicals, Juniper, Pine Sap, Evergreen, Eucalyptus, Menthol, Mint, Fresh herbs, Honey. Green and fresh with a lurking sweetness and oak character. Truly unique! Flavor: Immediate rye punch of prickly spices, then Gin, menthol, mint, eucalyptus, wildflower honey, and confectioners sugar flavors abound. Those fantastic fresh notes the nose hinted at are present, but with a really pronounced spiced honey flavor that pieces everything together. Finish: Long and lingering with honeyed sweetness and warm, prickly rye spice. Overall: Simply put, one of THE most unique whiskeys I've ever tried. The nose is unlike anything I've sniffed. Truly it smells of gin and evergreen. These young, fresh flavors I assume come predominantly from the 2 year old rye, while the older adds its subtle sweetness and depth as you sip. On the palate the gin-like flavors remain but are softened and rounded by the honey notes. If you enjoy Rye or want to try a really different product than what's available on the market."
  • 93 Points (Exceptional): Beverage Testing Institute
  • Beverage Tasting Institute: "Golden amber color. Toasty aromas of vanilla buttercream, dried peach, leather, and nutmeg with a silky, dry-yet-fruity medium-to-full body and an intriguing, medium-long cola, chocolate nuts, pink pepper, and cedar and minerals finish. A very nice oaky rye whisky for sipping."
  • International Review of Spirits: Gold Medal
  • A- Rating: Christopher Null, Drinkhacker.com
  • DrinkHacker.com - "There is indeed an exclamation point in the official name of High West Whiskey's latest, cryptic release. I'm not sure how Utah-based High West manages to mix cowboy imagery and metaphors with next-gen, experimental spirit-making technology, but somehow it does. The company now has about a dozen liquors, mostly whiskey, and we've gotten our hands on the latest.Double Rye! is not merely a "double" rye -- meant to be consumed in twice the quantity -- rather, it's a blend of two rye whiskies with very different compositions. One is an old 16-year-old (53% rye, 37% corn, 10% mystery). One is a fresh 2-year-old (95% rye, 5% barley).The result: An oddball indeed, but an enjoyable one. Big rye notes on the nose. This is a whiskey driven by the youngest spirit in the blend, and the woodsy, herbal, and -- most blatantly -- menthol-like flavors dominate. The corn in the old rye balances this intensity with some sweetness, but I think it could use a bit more; perhaps things could have been skewed a bit toward the older whiskey in the blend. This is ultimately a very drinkable whiskey, tough and rustic thanks to its baby component, but tricked out with some curious points here and there owing to its older counterpart. Tertiary character is intriguing yet difficult to grasp: Caramel, coal, root beer, licorice/fennel, and a touch of wood smoke. They're there, but you have to keep going back to the spirit to suss them out. Heh, maybe it really is a "double" rye after all. Surprisingly easygoing at 92 proof. Reviewed: Bottle #98 from batch #1."
  • 97 Points: Matt Colglazier, americancraftspirits.com
  • Americancraftspirits.com - "This is absolutely the finest rye (and perhaps the finest spirit) I have ever tasted. Spruce and pine notes kick off the nose, leading quickly into a dusting of fresh spearmint, gin, and distressed club-chair leather. On the palate, the freshness of the oak is matched only by the highest, fruitiest rye notes that have ever crossed my lips. It literally melts! Cocoa, cinnamon, rosehip and the most delictible bitter rye/anise spice note sees you out the door. Seriously, do whatever it takes to buy a case of this stuff, or whatever you can afford. This is a once in a lifetime experience.