Haig Club Scotch

Haig Club Scotch
Haig Club Scotch

Haig Club Scotch


Country:  Scotland

Style:  Scotch

Producer:  Haig Club

Scotland's hidden gem, Single Grain Scotch Whisky, now comes to the fore in its own right. Haig Club™ is made only at Cameronbridge Distillery - the oldest grain distillery in Scotland. 

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Haig Club Scotch Description:

Haig Club™ is being enjoyed by whisky experts as well as those who have never tried Scotch Whisky: it is light, clean and ultra-smooth - delicious served neat or in a cocktail. Enjoy Haig Club™ served anyway you like it.  Discover our signature serve Haig Club™ with Ginger Ale served with either a cucumber garnish to cool you down, or with a slice of orange to compliment the subtle spice in the ginger ale. Or try one of other delicious whisky cocktails: The Haig  Clubman, served with sparkling apple soda and ginger bitters over ice,  or an update of the classic whisky cocktail: Haig Club's New Old Fashioned.

The blue glass bottle was inspired by the tradition of our blenders using blue tasting glasses, so the spirit can be reviewed on aroma and taste alone. The color of the closure was inspired by the copper stills that were historically used to distil grain whisky.

"We set out to deliver a bottle design that would have all the substance and authentic storytelling of a classic whisky, but realised in a radically different form. Square, blue and devoid of a label - the bottle breaks with scotch convention to deliver something that is hopefully startling, beautiful and pure".

Dave Palmer, Executive Creative Director, LOVE.